Gardens Of Babylon

I am deeply thankful for the international movement "The Gardens of Babylon". Shishi Meriwani and her team organize the most beautiful dance parties all over the world – such as the Monastery festival in Goch, Germany - and enable our international tribe family to dance and reunite. Having a mix of spirituality and amazingly good lineups, The Gardens of Babylon really spreads magic around the world. It feels - it is! -  like a true international family that takes care of each other. A family in which we are free to express ourselves, during the parties and in daily life.  


As I creator, I feel inspired by meeting people from all over the world who adore my work ad celebrate life in it! Therefore, I enjoy showing and selling my pieces in my pop-up shop. You can find me, my friend and soul connection Elia and my pop-up shop at the market of curiosity at every party of The Gardens of Babylon in Amsterdam. 


Visit thegardensofbabylon or the Facebook page for more information on dates and venues. Please feel welcome to experience the beauty of a dance party with people who are truly free