Harp Meditation

After a heavy period of illness, I started playing the harp intuitively. It gave me what i needed to heal ......and silenced all my fears in my recovery process.

first i only played for myself, but after a year people asked me to play for them. So i started to give harp meditation concerts. 

 'In the meditation of harp music, there is the silence of love that brings healing and deeply peaceful feelings'

If you are interested in a harp meditation concert please feel free to contact me via the contact form.

Places i gave concerts are:

Lioba Klooster Egmond, Dansklooster, Nieuwe Yoga school Amsterdam, Happy spirit festival Blaricum, Lorelei festival, The Monastery festival, Yoga lifestyle, Healingfestival 

Private session Harp

I do give private sessions for *a moment of Harp* 

If you are in need for a harp healing moment for your body and soul, please feel free to contact me.


Prices privatesession:60euro (60min.) My location.

Private session your locaties 100euro (60min) exclusive travalingcosts

Small group(3-5) harp medition session

150euro (45min) exclusive travelingcost

Travelingcost: 1hour driving- 25euro.




Meditation concert: 300euro (60min)

Livingroom concert : 175euro (45min)

This prices is exclusive traveling costs i make to come at the location of the concert.