About me

The joy and fulfillment to create is my life purpose.

Nice to meet you, my name is Leona.

Although I was born in the Netherlands, I feel like a world citizen! I feel connected to all cultures in the world that express their variety of culture and art.  

I was born in a handcraft family. As a child, I practiced classic ballet and felt the power of music and expressing myself in dance. My interest in music and world folklore even grew more as I became older. Moreover, I love fashion. Fashion is more than a piece of cloth, that very same piece can give you power to express your special feelings, to be unique in who you are.  

This has been the start of creating wearable and expressive art, inspired by different cultures. I collect materials, vintage clothes and antique fabrics from all over the world. Whenever I travel, I bring home beads, feathers and shells that I’ve collected. Using sustainable, used and old materials with a soul and a story is important to me. I want to give these materials a new life in my wearable art. So when you are wearing my pieces, you give materials a new story.

My studio is full of treasures that I transform into unique wearable art. The essence is in the connection between the worlds’ folklores. I welcome you to have a look at my pieces. Will you soon celebrate life with your uniqueness?